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A Single Man's Ideas On Your Body

This is a second article from a 50-something anonymous Man-Fan. After experiencing so many girls put themselves down, pull back from intimacy, not accept his compliments, he decided to share the guy's point of view. He's a fantastic, generous instructor for us all. Thank you for choosing to discuss these benaughty reviews on my own website Mr. Man Fan. You know I'm a massive fan of yours!

Bobbi consistently highlights the ability of flirting. As a 54 year old single person Who's dating regularly, I can tell you :

Men have no defense against a fantastic flirt.

It doesn't matter what you look like or if we know you are doing this, we melt.

Any woman older than 18 has probably long figured out that men are essentially powered by a reptilian brain stem having only enough gray matter to direct us to the refrigerator. We're literal and we take things literally. If a man pays you a compliment, he really does imply it feels slighted if you do not agree with him.

If you are using online dating to meet people, the first date (or as Bobbi calls it the"meet date") is to see in the event that you actually look like your profile photograph. I'd say nearly half of those women don't look remotely shut, so women, please do us both a favor and choose Bobbi's advice and update your online photos).

The next date may be to finalize an opinion pro or con. Ladies, if you're on a third date with a man he believes you are absolutely gorgeous. He believes you are magnificent. He isn't with you since this weekend's NFL game lineup is fair. And also to call things as they are, he's considering getting you into bed.

The effects of this negative self-image is catastrophic, not just to you but to the men who want to date you. In a previous blog Bobbi mentions girls who have this kind of negative self-image they would almost rather end a connection than risk being viewed unclothed with their partner.When I first read that my initial thought was,"That's outrageous. There's just no solution. Maybe it's only in a million women." It's not one in a million. I have had several promising connections with lovely women abruptly end for reasons I strongly suspect were related to this. As I mentioned previously, guys are rather primal in their thinking. After the date he's thinking about what you look like sans clothes. He may look like he is putting together the quarterly budget report but he's thinking about you and likely doing so every several minutes.

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