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Recently Don Rossmoore sat down with Lisa Lainer, to talk about her experience as an ECPC parent.

Don: Why were you looking for a parenting program? I mean here you are a PhD in psychology. Why did you want this?

Lisa: What I realized is that while I felt pretty confident in myself and my skills out in the real world, after having a child none of those things would help me. It was like "now what do I do?" I had a colicky infant and I didn't feel very confident. I didn't know if the things that I were doing were helpful or if there were other things that I could be doing that would be more helpful. And all the child development research that I had done as part of my schooling wasn't particularly helpful. So I needed a place that would give me tools and structure and some advice. And really that's what I found at ECPC .

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Dear ECPC,

After a 6 year run, I am a little sad to realize I have come to the end of a week to week encounter that I value and greatly appreciate as being my core learning experience in motherhood. I would like to thank you for the gift you have given me as a mother. I knew in my first baby group with my now 6 year old son that I had found a place of support, warmth and knowledge.

Beyond what you have given me, you have given my two children an experience of love and understanding in an atmosphere that promotes cooperation, listening and independence that I know will serve them a lifetime.

Your commitment to creating a world of respect and caring through understanding child development is boundless and it inspires me everyday.

With warmest regards and a world of thanks,


Testimonial by a Peachhead Mom

I just wanted to give a shout out to the Early Childhood Parenting Center in Santa Monica for the amazing experience I had this past year. Last summer, I was looking for a Mommy and Me in West LA for my toddler and I, and a fellow Peach Header recommended ECPC. I went to the open house and signed up for a Toddler Group. I n ever expected to have such an amazing experience. My son and I loved every minute.

While he was gaining independence, self-esteem and social skills playing with other children, I was able to discuss parenting issues with other moms and developmental specialists. It truly was an invaluable experience, and I highly recommend everyone check it out. I was sad when my group ended last week, but I am determined to let others know about this fantastic resource. (They don't do a lot of advertising, so very few people even know they exist.) It's a non-profit organization—and the staff is an amazingly dedicated (and highly educated) group. They also provide a FREE warm line to ANYONE that has parenting questions. Definitely check it out.

Melanie G.

ECPC rocks. We have participated in ECPC every week for the past two years, and not only have I honed my parenting skills, but my daughter has thoroughly enjoyed herself.

The class was invaluable on two levels: first, the mommy level. It was so helpful to be in a setting that allowed us all to share our experiences, good and bad, with each other every week. Not only would we discuss issues among ourselves, but our group leader would always have a specific approach for us to think about.

Second, my daughter's development, that is where she has come into her own, learned separation, practiced her social skills and thoroughly enjoyed playing, all under the watchful, very knowledgeable, caring eyes of our intern friends.

Every week, I'd save up all my questions for class, and in return received a new perspective, some practical advice and a better under standing of my child's behavior. ECPC became our little home away from home!

Linda L.

The Early Childhood Parenting Center has been one of the most fulfilling and guiding experiences I have had since the birth of my daughter. Every new mom has questions, concerns, fears and joys and ECPC was there to witness them all. My daughter, Lilly, and I began the toddler group right after she turned one. Lily is now 2 years, 10 months and I have the group leaders and interns to thank for helping me every step of the way. From sleep issues to behavioral issues, the women of ECPC really know heir stuff! It has been a comfortable and supportive environment for me to discuss any concerns I may have been having, not to mention the fabulous play Lily experienced while in the program. I thank ECPC for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of their program and the friendships I have made will last a lifetime.

Melanie N.

Fellow Parent,

Where do I begin? I came to ECPC in need of help with my daughter, Lilah, who was acting out in response to us having just had another baby. Lilah got the guidance and support that she needed and the problem resolved itself.

What I hadn't anticipated was how beneficial the group would be for me. Being a mom is tough sometimes. Well intended in-laws, neighbors and even pediatricians can give conflicting advice, paralyzing you with fear of "doing the wrong things." ECPC is a non-judgmental, supportive environment that also happens to be filled with experts in their field. It's a remarkable combination. I've been to several Mommy and Me groups and parenting classes and they don't compare to ECPC. There's nothing finer. I can't imagine this past year without ECPC. I am a getter mom because of the information and kindness that they have shared with me. My heart is full as I write this. I am so grateful to Barbara and Allison for walking me through a tough time. I'm equally thankful to Shelly and all the other talented women who watch over and guide the little ones.

My very best to you and yours,

You always hear the phrase, "Children do not come with instructions." However, I never understood the power of this statement until I became a parent. Within a few months of my first son's birth, I had 2 realizations. First, my love for him was deeper than I ever could've imagined. Second, I was overwhelmed with what "I don't know" as a parent. My questions were never ending. When is it time to start setting limits? Is there something wrong if my son doesn't have 10 words by the time he's 1? He seems to frustrate easily, how can I help him deal with that feeling? Am I alone? Do other moms have the same question? I quickly realized that my skills were lacking and that I needed some tools for my toolbox.

With all of the parenting books and various philosophies out there, I felt confused and overwhelmed. I knew that turning to Chapter 17 "Temper Tantrums" wasn't going to be enough for me. I wanted a support group, one that was informative, practical and useful. At the same time, I wanted a nurturing environment for my son. I needed a place where we could learn and grow together.

Thankfully I found ECPC. At ECPC, on a weekly basis, your child interacts (in a play setting) with a team of highly educated specialists. Therefore, when you have questions or concerns about your child, or your parenting tactics/strategy, your ECPC group leader can provide you targeted, practical, and specific feedback. Because the team knows you (and your child) the feedback is incredibly useful and appropriate. The team is warm and open-minded, making the feedback a 2-way conversation where ideas and thoughts are openly exchanged.

The specialists at ECPC work with both you and your little one. The toddlers play in a supervised setting while the moms meet in the "mommy circle" (with another group of specialists). In the mommy circle, you can ask questions, voice concerns or get advice from other moms. The information and ideas exchanged in the mommy circle is invaluable. There are times I would share and as I looked around I'd see others tearing up as I shared. The empathy from the group made me feel like I wasn't alone… and the leaders' knowledge helped me discover my own good solutions. In that circle, I have laughed, cried, worried—but most of all—I have grown as a parent. Isn't it magical what happens when strong, capable women get together to share ideas and support each other?

The past 6 months have been really up and down with my son's development. Without this group, and the ECPC team, I know we would not be where we are now. (He is making dramatic improvements with OT and school. It's just been amazing to watch.) Barbara and Shelly—you are both so talented and compassionate. I am forever grateful for your guidance.

The tools in my ECPC toolbox have enabled me to have more confidence as a parent. As a result, I am more patient and compassionate with my son. Because of this, we have formed an incredibly deep and unique bond. Looking back at my initial goal to find a place where my son and I could grow together, ECPC is far more than I could've hoped for.

Sheralyn B.

My son Evan and I have attended ECPC every Friday for the past two years. On many levels, it has been a wonderful experience for us. (Our time at ECPC is almost done and I am going to dearly miss those weekly get-togethers.) Not only does my son look forward to going to class every week, I honestly don't know what I would have done without the support of Barbara, Nasrin and the ECPC helpers.

As a first time mom, I had a million questions that would come up over the course of a week, but I always knew that on Friday, I would have a place to ask questions in a nurturing environment. And, the support didn't stop when class ended—there were many occasions when Barbara, our group leader, took time out of her week to check in and see how things were going with us individually. She was very caring and supportive and took the "whole person" into consideration as it related to helping us help our children.

Most importantly, my son loves going to toddler class—he has so much fun (the toys are age appropriate and change as they grow); and it is a nurturing environment where he has been able to open up to the world around him.

When I initially signed up for the program, I thought I was signing up for, basically, a play group—where my son could play and I could talk things over with other moms. While this was true, what I didn't realize was that the ECPC staff are experts in child development—they were keenly aware of milestones that were important to my child and kept a close eye on that progress. We had quarterly meetings to talk about our children—for example, to get feedback on what seemed to be going well and areas which could be improved upon. It was reassuring to know that someone else was watching out for my child's best interests. I thought I was pretty well informed, but I learned so much more than I could have ever imagined.

Thank you so much!

Jerriann F.

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