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Early Childhood
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Our Philosophy:

Research demonstrates that the physiological and psychological patterns of one's life are firmly established during the first five years of life. Our thirty plus years of clinical experience demonstrate the value of facilitating normal growth and development through parent/child groups. We know about the importance of the early years, the significance of the parent-child attachment, and how it shapes the educational future of children.

Our program is staffed by more than fifteen volunteer professionals who are experts in education and child development, and who bring critical hands-on expertise to their groups. All of the common parenting issues are addressed, but from within the context of our own clinical research and developmental expertise.

Parents learn "how to be the best parent you can be" in a warm and nurturing environment. And if there are developmental issues in some children, we are fully equipped to provide the proper treatment or referral.

Using solid developmental principals based on our clinical practice and research, we help parents and their children to be more self-assured, happier, more courageous, more compassionate and more eager to learn.

We believe that we can promote emotional skills, such as identifying, expressing and managing feelings, self-awareness, impulse control and delayed gratification, and handling stress and anxiety. This foundation helps build habits of mind, habits of character and tools for self-expression. We believe that the children and parents who participate in our infant/toddler programs will be better prepared emotionally and developmentally to take advantage of their educational opportunities.

To find out more about the Early Childhood Parenting Center, please contact us or call (310) 281-9770.

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